Blue Chip - Headshot - Dennis R.jpgRyan Dennis is a Solution Architect with Blue Chip Consulting Group in Central Ohio. An accomplished author, blogger and speaker, he has worked on SharePoint solutions in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. He focuses primarily on SharePoint architecture, automation, and middle-tier development leveraging out-of-the-box features. Ryan has a passion for automation, whether it is automating business processes through forms and workflow; or automating deployment, migration and configuration using Windows PowerShell.


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  1. Hector Patricio

    Hello, i can see that you are a expert in PowerShell and SharePoint, i need very urgent help.
    First, excuse me if i make a grmmar mistake please, I’m not a native english speaker :).
    I have an issue with a installation of SharePoint, It´s a farm with about 600 sites and i need to install and configure a feature in each one of these sites. I’ve installed the feature, the problem now is that this feature needs to be configured in each site, it have a part in the configuration of the site and i need to give them the parameters of the conection to a external server. My feature is Adoeb Livecycle Conector.
    If you need more information i can give you. Thanks in advance :).

    • Ryan Dennis

      Thanks for the compliments.
      You could probably use the ForEach-Object cmdlet with the Install-SPSolution cmdlet to create a simple script to walk through each site.
      I haven’t done exactly this, but the syntax would be something like:

      $Sites = Get-SPSite -Limit All
      $Sites | ForEach-Object {

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hector Patricio

    A solution may include the configuration of the feature? I´m new in sharepoint. Thanks for the help. So, if you know any way to fill an option that is in the site configuration(this is a form that i have to fill manually), i will be glad forever 😀 with you.

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