SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2013

Today I spoke in front of a hometown crowd at SPS Columbus, which was a great event filled with an absolutely incredible lineup of speakers!

The presentation was about InfoPath – which was interesting considering how little it’s changed in 2013. The high-level gist of the presentation is to talk about how InfoPath can streamline forms development and data entry in SharePoint 2013, although all of it is relevant with SharePoint 2010 as well. I have used this presentation before, although I adapted it quite a bit to add relevance both to SharePoint 2013 on-prem and Office 365.

Below is a description of the topic itself along with PowerPoint Slides:

Funnel your Info down a new Path

​InfoPath provides business users with a familiar, feature rich means of creating dynamic, powerful electronic forms. While it has been around since the 2003 release of Microsoft Office, InfoPath 2013 combined with SharePoint 2013, is a match made in heaven. InfoPath is heavily integrated into SharePoint 2013, and users can now create engaging forms within minutes and without writing a single line of code.

This presentation will show you how you can start leveraging InfoPath to funnel your business information down a new path. Demos, gotchas, tips & tricks will all be a part of this 10,000 foot view of Microsoft InfoPath as it relates to SharePoint 2013.

Here are my slides:

And finally, if you want more information on the workflow I used to create the SPWebs upon gaining approval – here is my separate blog post on that topic.


Create a SharePoint Site (SPWeb) using REST in SPD 2013 Workflow

I have been struggling with an issue for several days, and it’s one I’ve been trying to solve for an upcoming SharePoint Saturday presentation. That issue is creating SharePoint sub sites/SPWebs automatically via the “Call HTTP Web Service” action in SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow. There were several sources of information that ultimately provided the solution, so I will be sure to credit those folks in this article.

There are several steps which are required to make this happen, and the coolest part is; this will work both on-premise and in Office 365/SharePoint Online!
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