Featured guest blogger on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog

This one will be short and sweet, as I just want to express my satisfaction with being a guest blogger on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog. I have been a fan of PowerShell for a few years now, and have been blogging for a few years as well – but to be able to contribute PowerShell content to (in my opinion) the best PowerShell blog on the web was very cool.

I will be speaking on September 15th in Charlotte, NC at the 2nd PowerShell Saturday – and Ed Wilson (MSFT Scripting Guy) reached out to me to gauge my interest in being a guest blogger on the HSG blog. Of course I jumped all over that opportunity!

Long story short, I was featured today as a guest blogger – and my topic was “Build Your SharePoint Internet Presence with PowerShell”. I wrote about and described the presentation I will be unleashing at PSSAT002, while withholding all of the juicy details within the script itself.

I encourage you to read the post as well as all of the posts on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog, as it really is a fantastic source of PoSh content. I also encourage you to come to PSSAT002 in Charlotte if you are anywhere near Charlotte, North Carolina in mid-September.

Here is the link to the post on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog.