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Need a speaker for a SharePoint or PowerShell event?

As a seasoned SharePoint Consultant with extensive experience in builds, deployments, migration and automation – I present frequently throughout the Microsoft Heartland Region on various topics. My presentations range from 100-200 level introductions to Windows PowerShell as it relates to Microsoft SharePoint, all the way up to 300 level deep dives into advanced PowerShell functionality.

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::Recent Presentations::

  • Leave the Fileshare, and join the Enterprise Content Revolution! 
    • Fileshares and folders have been the bread and butter for Enterprise Content Management for a very long time. They’ve served their purpose, and they were great at one time – but it’s time to leave them for a better, smarter solution. Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint Server is here to stay – and simply migrating your fileshare data into a more robust and intelligent structure can help you better find and manage your enterprise data.In this session, we’ll look at an example of a fileshare and how we can very easily redefine our Enterprise Content Management strategy using SharePoint Server as the platform. Attendees will witness how easy it can be to add and categorize content using out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality – and how you can start to use Enterprise Content Management to better serve your business.
  • Managing SharePoint Anywhere with Windows PowerShell
    • With the growing adoption of Office 365 and SharePoint Online and the continued prevalence of SharePoint on-premises, it’s becoming more difficult to manage both environments in an automated fashion. While SharePoint Online does have native support for Windows PowerShell, there are very few cmdlets to manage the sites and site contents. SharePoint on-premises gives us well over 700 cmdlets, but it still doesn’t answer every situational scenario – leaving gaps in functionality which can be filled by scripters.In this demo-heavy session, focused on both the developer AND the administrator – you’ll see how you can use one shell to manage both scenarios (on-premises and Office 365). Demonstrations will focus on building PowerShell Scripts and Advanced Functions for both target environments, and by the end of the session you’ll be ready to start Managing SharePoint Anywhere with PowerShell.
  • The Power is in the Shell, Use it Wisely
    • You may have heard of PowerShell, but do you know what it’s capable of? Gone are the days of long, painful STSADM batch files – we have Windows PowerShell, and it’s here to stay.Learn how you can use Windows PowerShell both to perform simple one-off tasks as well as complex, bulk operations. Leveraging the Object Model gives Administrators and Developers the ability to do in a few lines of code what would’ve taken a lot more work (and probably a Developer or two) in the WSS platform.You’ll see how you can get started with PowerShell, and you will hopefully leave with not only a greater understanding of what PowerShell is – but what it is capable of and how you can start using it to automate tasks in your SharePoint 2010 environment.
  • Funnel your Info down a new Path
    • InfoPath provides business users with a familiar, feature rich means of creating dynamic, powerful electronic forms. While it has been around since the 2003 release of Microsoft Office, InfoPath 2010 combined with SharePoint 2010, is a match made in heaven.InfoPath is heavily integrated into SharePoint 2010, and users can now create engaging forms within minutes and without writing a single line of code. This presentation will show you how you can start leveraging InfoPath to funnel your business information down a new path. Demos, gotchas, tips & tricks will all be a part of this 10,000 foot view of Microsoft InfoPath as it relates to SharePoint 2010.
  • Build your SharePoint Internet Presence with PowerShell
    • Everybody knows PowerShell is powerful, it’s in the name! But did you know that PowerShell can read and understand XML? By leveraging XML among other things, complete builds can be automated – making them efficient and predictable.In this fun, interactive and demo-filled session – I will show you how you can leverage PowerShell to help you build your branded, company website from the ground up using PowerShell and XML. I will also pass along some tips and tricks that will help you become a PowerShell Rockstar!

::Recent Speaking Engagements::


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