DAYSPUG Presentation December 13th 2011

Last night I spoke to a great crowd of PowerShell Enthusiasts at the Dayton SharePoint Users Group (DAYSPUG) in Dayton, Ohio. I knew most of the folks in attendance from other local SharePoint and PowerShell events, so it was nice to see everyone again.

It was a pleasure to speak in front of all of you, and I thoroughly enjoyed the engagement that you all showed.

Since the actual presentation/demo wasn’t much different from my recent engagement at SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati, I’ll simply point to that post for the actual PowerShell and XML code I used in the demos. That content is located here: SPS Cincinnati Post

Here is a post which contains the two Christmas functions I shared last night as well: Two PowerShell Functions for the Christmas Season

Thanks again to Tony Maddin and the rest of the DAYSPUG members for welcoming me to speak. See you all next time!


Quickly Remove ALL Webs under a Site Collection Using PowerShell

I was cleaning up my demo site collection, and I needed to remove all subwebs… Here’s a quick one-liner of PowerShell to do exactly that.

Get-SPSite <SiteUrl> | Get-SPWeb -Limit All | ForEach-Object {Remove-SPWeb -Identity $_ -Confirm:$false}