CSS version 3 adds some cool functionality!

If you don’t do much with theming and cascading style sheets, you probably don’t know or care that CSS 3 is coming fast. Some browsers already support it (Firefox 3.x, Safari), some don’t (IE); but the feature-set in CSS 3 is something that will make designers and developers very happy.

Here are the features I’ve played with so far in my demo environment:





Pretty cool stuff, here’s a screenshot of the page I’ve been messing with (viewed in Firefox 3.5.9):

Prevent theme inheritance on Publishing sub-sites

If you’ve created publishing sites and then tried changing the theme on a sub-site, you’ve probably run into this issue:

You apply the theme and nothing changes!!!!!

For some reason or another, when Publishing features are enabled; sub-sites inherit the theme from their parent site. You can prevent this from happening by doing the following:

Open up the default master page for the site in SharePoint Designer and look for the following tag:

<meta name="Microsoft Theme" content="<Theme Name> 1011, default">

Either delete or comment-out this tag and then save your master page, you should no longer have this issue.

Add Flyout/Dropdown Functionality to Quick Launch Menu

Have you wondered how you can get the Quick Launch to display fly out menus, similar to the Top-Link bar drop-down menus? It can be done with just a few small tweaks to the Master Page.

If you open up your default master page in SharePoint Designer and search for the following block, this is where you’ll edit:


By default, the highlighted portions are set to “2” and “0” respectively, by setting them to “1” it gives us the fly out functionality we were looking for, pretty cool!

The problem I ran into after getting this to work is the “fly out” container consists of a white background; no border and it seemed to inherit the font-color from my custom style sheet. That’s fine, or so I thought. Being that the background of my site is also white, it made it very difficult to see the fly out menu easily. I thought I could easily set the background via the CSS sheet like anything else, boy was I wrong!

After some searching, I found several people with the same problem and no easy fix; until I came across an MSDN article. Basically it showed that by applying the Tag to the SharePoint:AspMenu portion of the master page you could apply formatting to the “fly out”.

So I added that and at first I was following a blog post that said you could use something like to apply styles to the menu, I tried that and could not get it to work so I instead used the MSDN article and applied the formatting directly in the master page, and then I coordinated it with the CSS sheet to make sure the styles matched. Here is my DynamicMenuStyle code chunk after formatting:








After doing that I now have working, branded fly out functionality for both the Top Link Bar and Quick Launch Bars on my MOSS site.