Dog Food Conference 2015

RDspeakingOver the last two days, I’ve had the privilege of presenting at the Dog Food Conference for the 3rd time!

My presentations were focused more on the business user, or power user in both cases. The first day, I presented a new topic that I hadn’t yet shared with the world. Day 2 was one of my favorite sessions, an ECM talk based on a real-world scenario of leaving the file share mentality, and moving onto an ECM solution in SharePoint Server.

As always, the best part of presenting topics on SharePoint are the interactions with other passionate technologists. If you’re reading this and you were in attendance in either session, THANK YOU! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to me talk, and I hope it was informative and fun!

Here are some more details on my two presentations:

Herding CATS: Gaining User Adoption With These 4 Principles

The story: Communication, Adoption, Training, and Support. These 4 principles are critical in allowing your SharePoint platform to gain traction with your business. Regardless of if you’re using SharePoint On-Premises, Office 365, Azure, or some combination thereof – your business users need these things. This session will explore some of the key steps you can leverage to get your users what they need to be successful with SharePoint.

Here are the slides for the CATS presentation:

Leave the Fileshare, and join the Enterprise Content Revolution!

The story: Fileshares and folders have been the bread and butter for Enterprise Content Management for a very long time. They’ve served their purpose, and they were great at one time – but it’s time to leave them for a better, smarter solution. Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint Server is here to stay – and simply migrating your fileshare data into a more robust and intelligent structure can help you better find and manage your enterprise data. In this session, we’ll look at an example of a fileshare and how we can very easily redefine our Enterprise Content Management strategy using SharePoint Server as the platform. Attendees will witness how easy it can be to add and categorize content using out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality – and how you can start to use Enterprise Content Management to better serve your business.

Here are the slides for the ECM presentation:


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