The Pain of Community

This is a fantastic post by Naomi!

Serendipitous Signals

Perhaps I’m just feeling down tonight or just feeling poor but I just want to share that there is a downside to community.

I’m a huge advocate of creating communities inside your company to support technical skill sets or new technology rolling in, or yes even creating communities of people who look for ways to save your company money.

I truly believe that these kinds of networks in your company and beyond are how you create a place people want to work, feel engaged, rewarded and equally important how a company can listen to what customers & employees are saying in order to be more agile.

Perhaps I’m also naive that I believe in passion – finding it, inspiring it in others and harnessing it.

So why do I feel that there is pain in community? I spend a lot of time giving back, so much time in fact, that…

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