Leaving the SharePoint Space

It’s been quite a ride these last several years of doing SharePoint full time as a consultant. I’ve met hundreds of great people, I’ve learned thousands of things about technology and business, and I’ve increased my public speaking skills by participating in events such as SharePoint Saturdays. While I’ve done some great things for lots of companies not only in Central Ohio, but nationwide – I’m deciding to hang up my laptop bag and become a full-time stand up comedian. Comedy is something I’ve appreciated since a very young child. I’ve always loved to laugh, and even more so, I’ve always loved to make people laugh. It is for those simple reasons that I’m walking away from a well paying job in the SharePoint space to become a traveling, amateur stand up comedian.

This was a hard decision, and certainly not one I took lightly. While I am not sure how I’ll continue to pay my student loans, house mortgage, car payment, credit cards, day care for my 1 year old, and all of the other various bills I have – I’m sure that being an amateur stand up comedian with literally no experience will work itself out in the end.

It is my sincerest hope that you’ll all continue to follow me as I move onto what will certainly be a failed attempt at a new career April Fool’s Joke.



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