Microsoft Heartland Region SharePoint Conference 2012 – UPDATE

Another Heartland Conference in the history books, and this one was by far the most impressive one yet – and I’ve been to all 3 so I can say that. 🙂

Turnout – amazing.
Topics – fantastic.
Speakers – phenomenal.
Food – delicious.
Weather – eh, it’s Ohio what did you really expect?

I was pretty happy with how my presentation turned out, as I had a packed room and very little to complain about in terms of issues. IE crashed on me right square in the middle of my first demo, so that was fun. I also had issues trying to create lists, as the create dialog which launches in a Modal dialog did not play well with the projectors. Instead of allowing the create.aspx page to launch in the modal, I had to revert to my 2007 tricks and go straight to /_layouts/create.aspx?IsDlg=0. No big deal.

In terms of my presentation, I felt the contents of my demonstrations were very well received, and the crowd seemed to understand the value that InfoPath can bring. If you were in attendance and disagree or have questions, please ping me either as a comment to this post, on Twitter or via email and I’ll clarify if need be.

All of that being said, here is a quick and dirty description of my presentation (taken straight from the agenda slide).

Quick intro to Microsoft InfoPath 2010
How does it fit into the SharePoint 2010 Story?
What licensing do I need?
4 Types of forms in SharePoint
DEMO – Creating a list form
DEMO – Creating a library-based web service form
DEMO – Funneling Info down a new Path
Gotchas, Tips & Tricks

Here is a link to my slides on SlideShare


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