This is PERFECT if you’re battling content deployment issues!

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A lot of things have been written on +,-,*,/ and ^ of content deployment. Recently I had to go thru the seemingly-simple-stuff-called-content-deployment, but came out a bit wise. There are definitely some excellent resources, for eg this Spence’s blog. Though I do not agree with the view that Content Deployment is simple. It may be simple for someone who has been working with SharePoint for 12 years. In my view, content deployment either is so simple that everyone has trouble understanding its simplicity, or every one is just stupid. Some errors are cryptic and some rectifications are just not that obvious. This blog describes the woes of both migration to 2010 and a subsequent content deployment.


  • CD (Content Deployment)
  • CDB (Content DataBase)
  • FCD (Full CD)
  • ICD (Incremental CD)
  • SPS 2010 (SharePoint Server 2010)
  • WTF (you know what)


  • There exists a Server-A, with a 2007 SP site pointing…

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