Access Denied (401) on SharePoint 2010 Sites

I came across a weird error today, site collections which were working great just last week are now giving Access Denied errors. Surely I have access, I’m using the System Account… So I tried the normal things like trying to go straight to http://myintranet/_layouts/settings.aspx, etc but to no avail.

After some log reading and searching, I came across this Technet Post which triggered my memory. I was getting the SuperUser Cache warning in my Health Analyzer, so I created a domain account (DOMAIN\SPCache) and configured it to be the super user cache account. Great I thought at the time, warnings now gone, cache working, awesome… Not so awesome, this super user account needs Full Control to the Web Application(s) which it caches.

Not a big deal, I added the account to the Web Application User Policy with Full Control and Voila!; the sites are now back to normal. Whew!


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