Copy SharePoint Navigation across Site Collections

Have you every been tasked with consistent top-level navigation across Site Collections? Sure you have, we all have! Have you heard about the Gary Lapointe STSADM Extensions? I just recently found out about them, and I’m glad I did…

Without Gary’s extensions, you must manually enter the navigation on each site collection; no fun. With Gary’s extensions, you can copy the navigation from a source site collection to as many destination site collections as your heart desires.

This recently saved me a TON of time and since it’s an STSADM command, it can easily be scripted, scheduled, etc. The possibilities are truly endless.

I only used one of Gary’s 144 commands (gl-copynavigation), so I’m sure there is a ton of stuff that these can do that I don’t know of. Have you used these before? Tell me your success stories!

Gary LaPointe:


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