Add simple, one-column list search functionality to SharePoint

Awhile back I was working with a client who needed to manage a simple, two-column custom list. The task was simple, manage company acronyms. The list took no time to create as I imported it from the source spreadsheet, it was two columns; Acronym and Acronym Meaning.

The cool, easy solution was this:

1. Create a new page
2. Add 3 Web Parts to the page, List View (viewing the Acronym list), Form Web Part and Content Editor Web Part.
3. Configured the Form Web Part to connect to the List View WP on the Acronym column.
4. Configured the CEWP with a link to Add A New Acronym (in case the acronym they were searching for didn’t exist)

The final product allowed a user to enter an acronym (AD for example) and it would pull back the appropriate acronym, i.e.:

AD – Active Directory

Quick, simple solution for employees to quickly search acronyms.


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